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Weekend(= vakantie)vitaminen #35

Op het nachtkastje

  • D-Lib Magazine (July/August 2012). Special issue over data mining.
  • SPEC Kit 328: Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools (ARL)
  • Digitale drempels. Knelpunten voor legaal digitaal aanbod in de creatieve industrie (SEO)
  • Print Management at “Mega-scale”: a Regional Perspective on Print Book Collections in North America (OCLC Research)
  • David A. Bell, ‘The Bookless Library’ (The New Republic)
  • Brian Cox & Margi Jantti, ‘Discovering the Impact of Library Use and Student  Performance’ (EDUCAUSEreview Online)
  • Milena Dobreva e.a., User Studies for Digital Library Development, Facet Publishing, 2012

Beeld van de (komende) week (weken)